2019- 2020 Winter

Post snow pack observations - snowpits, avalanche activity, signs of instability.
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2019- 2020 Winter

Postby Kaptain Safe T » November 30th, 2019, 3:03 pm

Wow off to a good start!!! I cant remember the last time the coverage being this good in November. Got out on the front side today to take a look at snowpack. Did not observe any recent avalanche activity on the South, Southwest or West aspects. New snow bonding well to old snow. Not reactive on those slopes, and coverage impressive. The first storm cycle laid down some high density snow coming in around 23% at the snowslide site. This second cycle started our wet and dried out quite a bit looking more like 10% on top. This is a nice right side up combination. However the post frontal wind was transporting significant amounts of snow this am and loading up Southeast aspects at tree line. As always beware of those early season logsticles and rocksticles but overall what a start to the season. Check out the latest snowpack summary for more info.

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