Strange result in temptation trees...

Post snow pack observations - snowpits, avalanche activity, signs of instability.
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Strange result in temptation trees...

Postby Sancho75 » January 8th, 2017, 8:07 pm

Skinned up above the Yogi catwalk in search of protected powder today (1/8/17). We had to hike with helmets on in order to protect our heads from rime ice chucks that were raining from the trees. We reached the edge of the Temptation chutes and dug an ECT in 95 cm of snow to the ground. Elevation was 11,600 ft, aspect W 320*, 34* slope angle, moderate wind coming out of the northwest. The ECT propigated on 9 taps (from the wrist) at the ground(slumping on about 5cm of large faceted crystals), Q2 nonplanar(the whole column moved about 3cm), we did not ski the slope. This was one of the spookyest results i've gotten doing an ECT. We encounter some snow-shoers while finishing up the test and shared our results with them as well as expressed our concern. We skied back down through the trees and had a few good turns until the sticky mank made things difficult.


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Re: Strange result in temptation trees...

Postby splitboarder » January 9th, 2017, 7:28 am

Hummmm, more failures at the ground in <1 meter snowpack... Seems like these NW-N-NE slopes have hard to find, hard to trigger deep persistent slab problems... Dragón durmiente?
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Re: Strange result in temptation trees...

Postby DomZ » January 9th, 2017, 10:34 am

Similar result Inbounds on friday... WNW slope, 36*, 96cm pit, isolated wind loaded pocket, ECT failed on isolation to the ground. Go 20 feet left or right though, snow depth was only 30cm...


Column back cut wit ski pole, perhaps not the most scientifical result.

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Re: Strange result in temptation trees...

Postby maadjurguer » January 9th, 2017, 11:44 am

What we observed on Friday, 6 JAN in the same area were significant variations of stability based on ridge/drainage features and cross-loading towards the tail end of the last storm as the wind switched around out of the N/NE. Lens-like wind slabs had formed in dune-like structures.....leaving scour marks of firm (sastrugi in some places) and supportable snow in between reactive wind-loaded snow dunes. At the time, we encountered this only at or just below treeline and the aspect we found this on was very much so that one drainage within temptations did not contain these structures, and others did.

I've always found these types of structures at or just below treeline on the western aspects of the mountain between and including Temptations on the south, to Philomena to the North. We did not encounter any whumping on our tour, but I usually associate these types of cross-loading structures with significant whoomping.

Something to be cognizant of when taking approaches to the summit or over to the western shots like Allison.
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