Test pit by Humphries saddle

Post snow pack observations - snowpits, avalanche activity, signs of instability.
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Test pit by Humphries saddle

Postby JeffD » January 10th, 2016, 5:08 pm

Skied nice lines on upper Sundance on edge of trees and then later on shoulder of upper Dutchman's heading over and down into the side of Rustler. Between the runs, dug a pit just off to the side of the Humphries saddle on top of a 35 degree slope heading down into inner basin. One test area had some small tree limbs down low with two layers of crust well bounded--but sugary snow beneath with little or no bonding to rocks below. Off to the side, another pit with no tree limbs showed same two layers of crust well bonded--and better bonding to rocks below. Snow was 160cm deep, crust layers were 10cm and 15 cm above rock. No activity to speak of after series of 30 taps and hits on the block in the second pit.

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