Doyle Peak Tour, March 2-3, 2013

Post snow pack observations - snowpits, avalanche activity, signs of instability.
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Doyle Peak Tour, March 2-3, 2013

Postby splitboarder » March 4th, 2013, 10:12 pm

On Saturday the warm temperatures created a sun crust on much of the mountain except for the steeper North aspects. We saw some micro loose wet-snow slides on the skin track, then from a distance, we saw the aftermath of a bigger one on a more sun exposed aspect. Near the top of Doyle we found some moderately sensitive and soft wind-slabs but the variable winds had stirred them up and they were discontinuous. We rode the Sickle Moon line.

Our tracks in the Sickle Moon Path of Doyle.

On Sunday, we toured further East and noticed that the Telescope Path of Doyle appeared to have some old debris piles in the lower angle run-out zone.
Here is some snow data from the Black Bear Chutes of Doyle. (two graphs of the same data)

Pit location.

Video from my phone:

Video and Pit data from my phone!
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Re: Doyle Peak Tour, March 2-3, 2013

Postby zesue » March 5th, 2013, 11:49 am

Cool vid and song..Thanks

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