Pit data, East face of Humphreys Cirque

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Pit data, East face of Humphreys Cirque

Postby ricorides » February 2nd, 2013, 6:46 pm

Aspect: 90*
Elevation: 11950'
Slope angle: 34*
Wind:0, calm; skies: clear; temp: tropical (no accurate thermometer).
Depth: 130cm
CT26, Q3 @ 120 cm.
ECT- 30+, no propagation
Shovel shear revealed a Q2 layer @ 65cm, but didn't show in other tests.
Density: mostly 4 finger, with a couple 1 finger layers. Bottom 25cm was fist soft depth hoar.
Temp profile: again no accurate thermometer.
Notes: We skied the slope. Surface was quite variable, from pencil hard slab to a thin sun crust with pow underneath. We set off some 8" thick sluff/soft slab coming through the choke points between big rock out crops. The apron had decent old settled pow.

(Need to learn Snow Pilot)

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