Feb 27 vid (skiing N side Doyle and Fremont trees)

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Feb 27 vid (skiing N side Doyle and Fremont trees)

Postby Mr. Fox » March 5th, 2019, 1:18 pm

Here's a video from Feb 27th skiing mostly in the trees on the North Sides of Fremont and Doyle. Things seemed quite stable out there that day in general. However, intense winds all day made us a bit more wary than we would have been had it been calm. It seemed the winds were changing things fast which is why we stayed mostly in the trees. Going over the top of Aggasiz in the morning the wind was probably a steady 40mph and gusting up to 60. Extremely tall cyclones were dancing just on the East side of the peak and I swear that for a moment I understood what a Kachina was as I hunkered low and watched those things, which had an incredible amount of power in them, and prayed to not be blown away while putting my skis on to drop in. Wish I had more observations to share but there I didn't see much. I guess I'd just say the wind was buffing north and northeast slopes and loading on east facing aspects. Could create some interesting isolated layers under the more recent and soon to arrive storms.

I have to say I wonder whatever happened to people posting here in this trip reports board. I always valued other people's observations and gleaned a lot from them. Is it not cool to do this anymore? I wouldn't know cuz I got older. Whatever the case, here's that vid. It's filmed on a crappy point and shoot.

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Re: Feb 27 vid (skiing N side Doyle and Fremont trees)

Postby splitboarder » March 5th, 2019, 4:54 pm

Thanks for the report. Dig that alpenglow at the end. I think Instagram and FB are the cool places to post now. But I think it would be cooler if more folks posted here. Most of my trips are distilled into the weekly snowpack summary.
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