Hiking up Feb 2018

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Hiking up Feb 2018

Postby JeffD » February 18th, 2018, 7:27 pm

The Snowbowl website indicates that hiking up is still not permitted inbounds, which is remarkable given the date. As such, I skinned up near the ski area boundary along the Southside border and there is sufficient coverage from bottom to top. The snow depths varied between 6-24" the entire way. As one might expect, the snow is deeper on W facing slopes and thinner on SW slopes. It goes without saying that there isn't enough snow coverage to ski down on Southside--or any other out of bounds slopes I observed today. Having said that, the skiing inbounds was fairly good so I did a few laps up top before heading down to the base. On the way up, I did come across a snowshoer who indicated that he has been hiking up regularly, and that he has only been turned around in areas where the cats are actively working. My preference is to stay away from the lifts, cats, snowmaking, etc., so I prefer to hike up on backcountry slopes. See the maps showing alternate routes up on the Outta-bounds section of this webpage.

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