North Face of Fremont Peak - Saturday April 16, 2016

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North Face of Fremont Peak - Saturday April 16, 2016

Postby splitboarder » April 17th, 2016, 7:58 pm

Sun did not come out much on Saturday.
This is about as much of it as we saw.

Pano from where the the main slide paths of North Fremont converge.

Fascinating April snowpack. 4-8 feet of snow measured between ~10500' and 11000' in the Silverton/Jay's slide area of North Fremont.
Top foot was beautiful powder, then about a foot of damp one-finger to pencil hard melt/freeze then damp snow under that. In our first test pit we had an alarming ECTP17 Sudden Planar collapse where the top two feet slid on the damp snow. We thought we would not be steep skiing...
But two more ECTs at the same location revealed much better/stable results. Still, we decided that we should move to an area with less consequences, and a better run-out.
A quick test in Jay's slide path revealed stable results. We jumped in below the main starting zone for our first run.

For the second run we moved higher into the main Silverton Chute. Miguel had stable results in his test pit.

For the last lap we moved a little higher for the top of Jay's slide. Snow was wind effected and hard near the top.

Overall great day of skiing. This week may be as good or better than all of March and February! :x :cry: :P

Looks like decent overnight freezes forecast for near tree-line this week. That should help keep the snowpack from sliding down the mountain. But watch out for the sun hitting the snowpack and rapid warming in the mid to late morning...
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