Inner Basin-

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Inner Basin-

Postby hayesmak » November 7th, 2015, 9:31 pm

Great fluffy and cold powder in the inner basin today! Got two runs, one out of the big red rock that separates North Core from the saddle, and the second was a foray into Last Chance Couloir. Pow all the way down- quite a ride! Powell's couloir looks like a really big line right now, with a super skinny choke that won't let you turn for the first fifty yards. At least turning isn't necessarily required!

Dug a pit in a test slope similar to the snow in the lower north core chutes and couloirs, and it looked like it felt- strong snow (Q3, CT 21+), and there wasn't much around at all from the October snows (78 cm of new snow straight to dirt). It will stay cold and good for awhile unless the temp jumps significantly- today didn't affect shaded areas at all. Great day. ...

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