Temptation & Fremont, Jan. 17, 18

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Temptation & Fremont, Jan. 17, 18

Postby hayesmak » January 19th, 2015, 12:19 pm

Hiked a dawn patrol run up to temptation on Saturday morning, good pow below treeline:

Pit at 10,700 Ft in the trees of temptation, southern side
39 degree slope
W/NW aspect
Compression test: Failure at one tap from wrist. Rutschblock 2. Shear was ok, failure occurred at the bond between the last Dec. storm and the pow from 1/13. The snow looked pretty consolidated all the way to dirt below the Jan 13 powder, crystals were approximately 6 mm square in the bottom layer, but in good shape for bonding. Some whoomphs and propagation in isolated wind slabs, mostly near ridges where cross-loading occurred when the wind changed. Short run for the work, but good.

Fremont later that afternoon solo, skied one run in the trees off of the first peak east of the Fremont Saddle, punched the track out of Inner Basin to the bottom of Lockett Meadow road. Skied the entire way except for three spots along the very bottom of Lockett Meadow road. Also skied all day Sunday on Fremont with Jacob, two runs, both of them tree shots with narrow slide paths, super good runs!! First ever summit of Fremont peak for both of us as well.

Saturday pit in the trees just below the 1st peak east of the Fremont Saddle, approximately 11,000 ft.
34 degree slope
N/NE aspect
Compression test: Failure after three taps from elbow. Rutschblock 3. Shear was exactly the same as temptation; lots of whoomphing, failure, and fracture in wind slabs on ridgelines, some considerable propagation in those settling events as well.

Sunday pit in the drawn x in the picture labeled "Fremont Jan. 18" (also skied that entire slide path along the red line drawn from the X)- Photo exists on the kpac facebook page, it was too big to fit the file size here.

Approximately 11,500 ft.
37 degree slope
Due North aspect
Compression test: Failure after the first tap from elbow. Shear was very similar to the prior data from other areas. No Rutschblock test on this one.

Still super sketchy failure and fracture in wind slabs on ridgelines where cross-loading occurred; made ski cuts at the top of the slide path, then rode down the whole thing. It was glorious.

Have fun out there everyone!

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Re: Temptation & Fremont, Jan. 17, 18

Postby raisingarizona » January 24th, 2015, 1:04 pm

The conditions you are reporting sound like what we have been experiencing. I had more whumphing (I have no idea how to spell that) out on Soft Core Ridge this past Monday. One that had me super gripped again. Everything that is collapsing on me is starting in and around what most people would call "anchors". The trees and rock outcroppings on protected aspects (more northerly) seem to have increased the progression of faceted snow growth. The whumphs or collapses are sometimes so large that I actually freeze up for a moment or two before moving forward. This might be a little ptsd from a slide I was in during the 2006 season in Telluride....I don't know. Either way I'm really scared right now of steep apex rollovers over exposure on similar aspects. A coulior we call Two Straps looked really fun to ski the other day but the top rolls over into a pitch between 45* to 50* and the apex is surrounded by rock outcroppings and trees. If that pocket collapses just like what I have been experiencing you would likely go for one hell of a ride.

We saw your tracks on Fremont the other day, looked sweet! It one of those "that's where we should have went" moments. We has some great skiing too tho and had a killer tour.

Anyway, everyone......use your head out there and anything northerly approach with caution.

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