Inner Basin and Abineau!

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Inner Basin and Abineau!

Postby hayesmak » March 11th, 2014, 7:45 am

IB was tasty on 3/2. Got in there in the afternoon once everyone and their mom decided to invite themselves up onto the resort. Took two runs into IB, one on north core ridge and the other on skier's right of the saddle. Temptation was also glorious on the way back home.

Abineau was awesome 3/8 and 3/9. Camped at the convergence of Cohonina and Abineau Canyon main- Jacob and I camped there in December as well. I've got 8 runs in the abineau chutes so far this year, and each one of them was downright wonderful.

Snow stability was great everywhere I went- some places in IB had some pretty serious rocks barely covered with powder, but a keen eye can easily discern bad from good terrain. Abineau had a pretty deep snowpack in the north north-easterly facing parts of the main chutes- Cohonina and Sinagua ranged from about 50-145cm from end to end at approximately 10,800 ft. The only potential for dangerous snow was around 9,500 ft. or so, with some woomphs happening in rotten snow on my way up- I'd guess they were right around the rain line from last storm. The only way that could hurt someone would be in a classic terrain trap with a warm slide. Some videos of IB, Temptation, and Abineau: ...

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Re: Inner Basin and Abineau!

Postby zesue » March 11th, 2014, 11:25 am

Thanks for the stoke.. I've been wondering how the north side looked. My brother and i are going to get back there in a few weeks, not sure if it will be as good then. Hope we get a fresh coating between now and then.

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