Somethings to think about...

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Somethings to think about...

Postby ricorides » November 9th, 2011, 11:49 am

My wife and I did a fair amount of hiking on the Peaks this fall. Back on 10/16 we hiked Weatherford trail and went a little past Doyle saddle and got a good look at the north side of Fremont. This was after the snow that fell on 10/7. I saw a good bit of snow, and that's the problem. There was generally about 12" evenly distributed, and some drifts of about 24" on the north aspects. Basically, just enough to cover the anchors. Given the aspect and temperature at that elevation, my guess would be that that snow did not melt or evaporate much, and is now rotten facts below the snow that fell this past weekend.

Some pics

I believe this is Jay's slide

I'm pretty sure this is Silverton

And a decent look at Fremont. You can see Telemark is pretty well covered. Though not quite enough to ski/ride!

I'd be interested in going over there and seeing how this are reacting to the new snow.
I've got some good photos of north side of Humphrey's I'll post in the Northside section.

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